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Pricing List

Elementor Addons for "Pricing List" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,
people are peculiar about pricing before they buy a product from your business. Due to the same reason, you will need to look for a way to display pricing in an easy to digest format on the Elementor website. This is where a pricing list addon can be helpful. There are numerous pricing list widgets available for you to consider out there. Let’s explore four of the most prominent Elementor pricing list addons that are available for you to use as of now.

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Ultimate Addons provide you the opportunity to create a simple drag and drop price list in Elementor. This is a perfect price list, and you will not feel that any features are missing. It will provide you the opportunity to display a product list, catalogs, menus, and many other featured items without a struggle.

Regardless of the type and niche of your business, you can showcase the prices associated with what you offer via this pricing list widget. It will also help you to showcase an image of the product, along with a discount.


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This pricing list widget provides you with access to more than 300 different customization options. Hence, we can highly recommend this to any person who is looking to get hold of a Elementor pricing list widget. All the designs that you can get with this widget are quite unique.

Hence, you can have a one-of-a-kind website set up with the help of this. The widget provides unlimited design and customization possibilities to you as well. This will provide all the support that you need to get a pricing list that matches with your preferences.


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The widget is providing you the ability to display a price menu without a struggle. You will be able to create an amazing looking pricing menu with the help of this Elementor widget. You can get the job done quite easily with it as well. On the other hand, it is providing you with access to numerous layouts. You can customize the look and feel if there are any special requirements.

On the other hand, you can use this addon to make your pricing landing pages more attractive as well. We can highly recommend this pricing list addon for the restaurants.


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PowerPack offers a great pricing list addon called Price Box. This Elementor addon will help you to display content without a struggle. You will be able to display the features that you wish to showcase with the support of this widget. You will also be able to display prices effortlessly via this addon. There are multiple subscription plans of Price Box available to consider.

It is better if you can cross compare them and pick the best one that matches with your preferences.


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Go through all these Elementor pricing list addons, and you will be able to create a pricing list that matches with all your preferences. This will be a quick and effortless way available for the customers to get a better understanding about prices. All the customers who get that understanding can spend their money on purchasing products that are available to them. Hence, you can expect to see a reduction of the Elementor pricing related inquiries that you get, while noticing an increase of the sales.



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