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Image Gallery / Portfolio

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If you are looking for a way to exhibit the portfolio, to make the gallery of your works, the Images Layout widget of JetElements plugin is definitely the right tool for you! It’s a great way to showcase the pictures creatively in Elementor Page Builder.

The Portfolio widget of JetElements plugin will be helpful if you need to showcase your creative works. It’s perfect for displaying photos for photographers models, estate agents, designers, artists, architects, etc.

Showcase images by the categories in the form of a stylish portfolio selecting multiple layouts and preset forms.

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... solution for Image Gallery / Portfolio Widget

The Plus Addons presents incredibly creative and powerful image gallery ever made for WordPress’s Elementor Plugin with Grid Layouts, Masonry, Messy Column, Metro, Carousal, Filter Options and Many More Listing Options.

  • Grid, Masonry, Metro, and Carousel
  • 200+ Customisation Options
  • Special Messy layout Feature
  • Unlimited Possibilities

... solution for Image Gallery / Portfolio Widget

Premium Grid Widget for Elementor allows you to create interactive image and video galleries with many styling and customization options. With up to 12 columns you can create almost any metro layout you can think of and it’s 100% Responsive.

With Media Grid Widget for Elementor Page Builder you can create amazing video showreels and embed YouTube and Vimeo Videos or you can upload your own video to WordPress Media Gallery by selecting “Self Hosted” video option.

  • Advanced Metro Grid
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted Videos
  • Tons of Customization Options
  • Masonry, Even and Metro Grid Layouts

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