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Inline SVG Draw SVG

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Hey Elementors,
if you’re looking to add some animation or SVG content to your Elementor website, then it makes a lot of sense to find some great Inline SVG Draw SVG widgets. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of that. We are here to show you a few of the best addons you can use. They can help make your website a lot more appealing and unique while bringing in space for creativity too. Here are the most interesting Inline SVG Draw SVG widgets you can use for Elementor right now.

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When you use The Plus Addons for Elementor, you will notice that you can draw animation over any SVG. You can easily draw on the first load, or you can set things up the way you want. The best part is that you have 70+ draw on SVG options already included here. They also added more than 200 different customization options.

Add to that the on hover redraw features and many of the other features integrated with The Plus, and you will see why this is one of the best addons in this widget category.


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Crocoblock has an inline SVG widget that helps you showcase a variety of beautiful images in the SVG format. It works great on Elementor websites, and you can use the inline SVG format for buttons, diagrams, maps, buttons, logos, and so on.

The best thing about it is that it delivers great performance on a variety of different displays. Plus, it’s versatile and you can customize it the way you want.


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Element Pack does a very good job at delivering outstanding visuals for your Elementor website. It also has SEO support, not to mention these pages are loading very fast and without any worries. They also added things like CSS filters, fill and stroke color, on hover reverse or just on hover animations, as well as stroke parallax animation. There’s also a fill and stroke color option.

You pretty much get everything you need in a single package, and you can easily adapt everything to your own wishes.


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Getting the right addons for Elementor that can help you with SVG content can be very hard. Thankfully, these 3 are versatile, they get the job done and you will find them easy to use and adapt to your own requirements. The quality is second to none, and you will be very impressed with the process and how it all comes together. We recommend you to rely on any of these addons, as they get the job done very well and you will have a spectacular experience.



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