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Elementor Addons for "Devices" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,
ever wondered why some WordPress websites are so attractive while yours look so basic like every other one out there? Most people think that either it’s very hard to add cool widgets in an Elementor website or you’ve to spend a lot of money and hire an expert to do that for you, they are wrong both ways!

... solution for Devices Widget

The Plus is an easy to use Elementor Addon which provides you with a wide variety of customizable options that are not only responsive but also make your WordPress website look Fantastic. It also includes a Devices Widget called “Dynamic Devices” which allows you to showcase your work or images in a magnificent form. This widget has a wide range of laptops, mobiles, and browsers collection that you can use, and can also customize the icons, text, colours, and much more.

Don’t just add a simple image in your Elementor website! Use “The Plus” Elementor Addon and get access to various useful and easy to install widgets that will change the whole layout of your website and help attract more viewers to buy your product.

  • Unique Image Carousel Options.
  • Collection of Laptops, Mobile, and Browsers.
  • Tons of Customization Options.
  • Easy-to-use and Very Responsive.

... solution for Devices Widget

Element Pack is a very easy-to-use Elementor Addon which has an uncomplicated process of installation so everyone can start using it right now. Within a few clicks, you can easily add this Addon into your Elementor website and use this Device Slider widget to make your front look absolutely outstanding. This slider is very customizable and easily converts its size and layout according to the browser of your viewer.

Doesn’t matter what Smartphone, Laptop, Macbook, or Pc your viewer has, Device Slider will adjust its height and width to make your images or videos more appealing to the human eye.

Use this Device Slider now and make your WordPress website stand out from the crowd!


... solution for Devices Widget

PowerPack is a very convenient and affordable Elementor Addon which has a wide variety of widgets that you can use to make your WordPress website look much more attractive than before. This Devices widget is a part of PowerPack Addon which gives you a huge amount of smartphone, laptop, and tablet designs that you can use to make your images and videos more professional.

You can easily customize the layout and change the colour, texts, icons, and much more just within a few clicks. It supports all kinds of multimedia formats and provides you with various styling options for beautifully showcasing your web designs or portfolio to your clients.


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Add one of these Elementor Addons to your WordPress website today and guaranteed you’ll be shocked to see how much attractive your website gets by just using these simple Devices widgets! If this feature is used properly, you can easily attract the viewer and showcase all your great work in a few seconds so he/she doesn’t leave your website and can be convinced into buying your service.



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