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Posts / Blog

Elementor Addons for "Posts / Blog" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,

... solution for Posts / Blog Widget

JetBlog plugin is made for assisting you in displaying posts. There are nine layout variations, diverse style settings, the carousel option, and more cool features that can be used to make your posts look better than ever! All these you’ll get by managing Smart Posts Tiles widget from JetBlog plugin by Crocoblock.

The blog posts list form is a very popular post layout among bloggers. This layout can be useful, making posts more clear to view and appealing.
Add some posts to a smart list and easily customize the blocks to make them look engaging to attract the customers’ attention to your Elementor website built with.


Crocoblock ³Demo1   Demo2   Demo3

... solution for Posts / Blog Widget

The Plus Addons blog post  widget with various listing styles, layouts, hover animations, and customisation options for WordPress using Elementor.

  • Grid, Masonry, Metro, and Carousel
  • Filter Options
  • Lazy Load, Pagination, Load More
  • 200+ Customisation Options
  • Special Unconventional Unique Options
  • Unlimited Possibilities

Dynamic Magazine allows to create any custom post type listings like filtration setup or carousel. You can choose from multiple design layouts and several options.

  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Responsive & Cross Browser Support
  • Support all custom Post types

... solution for Posts / Blog Widget

Elements Pack way to show your post with desired number, designs, styles and other things, helps you to branding your Elementor sites more than any other things. Element Pack provides the ultimate essential carousel addon for Elementor page builder that can show your blog post with or without images in carousel. These are all demo pages:

Element Pack ⁹Card   Grid   Grid_Tab   Gallery   List   Block   Modern   Single   TagCloud

Addon Conlusion

... of all demo pages for "Posts / Blog" Widget

The Plus ¹¹Styles   Grid   Masonry   Metro   Filter   Messy_Columns   Stagger_Load   Lazy_Load   Pagination   Load_More   Blog_Builder
Element Pack ⁹Card   Grid   Grid_Tab   Gallery   List   Block   Modern   Single   TagCloud
PowerPack ⁵Posts   Tiled   Categories   Sitemap   Author_List

Crocoblock ³Demo1   Demo2   Demo3

Unlimited Elements ⁵Demo1   Demo2   Demo3   Demo4   Demo5

HappyAddons ⁵List   Grid   Tab   List   Author_List

ElementsKit ³Blog   Tab   List

Dynamic.ooo ⁶Posts   Features   Sticky   List   My_Posts   Users

Essential Addons ³Grid   Block   Gallery

Premium Addons
Ultimate Addons
HT Mega ³Grid   Grid_Tab   Single_Post

Post Kit
Livemesh Addons ²Block   Grid



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