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Dual Heading

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Dual Heading

Elementor Addons for "Dual Heading" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,
creating two headings on the pages of your website will not be something difficult to do. All you have to do is to get your hands on the perfect dual heading Elementor widget available out there. Then you will be able to create two different headings, where you can independently customize each heading. Below mentioned are the best methods available out there as of now for you to get dual headings displayed on your website.

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If you are trying to add a modern-looking heading to your website, the dual heading widget offered by Premium Addons for Elementor is the best option to consider. You will be able to use this and create outstanding looking headings.

You have the chance to pick two different colors, fonts, and unique styles for the two headings that you include on the heading. You will not have to go through a difficult process when you are trying to customize the look and feel of the widgets according to your preferences as well.


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Headline Elementor widget offered by Crocoblock will help you to include different headlines on the page. Along with that, you will have the freedom to highlight different sections and content on your website as well. You will be able to see numerous styles of headings offered with this widget.

Therefore, you can easily come up with an outstanding looking heading. You just need to spend some time with customizations, and you will eventually end up with discovering the best design idea.


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Dual heading Elementor widget offered by The Plus looks simple, but you will be impressed with the multiple purposes that come along with it. In other words, you can use this widget and add scroll animations, tooltip, magic scroll, and even full typography to the headings. All these features are based upon the 8 unique base layouts that come along with this Elementor widget.

You will have the chance to customize the looks with the help of dark mode switchers. Moreover, you can gain access to advanced responsive options, where you can customize the look and feel according to your preferences.


... solution for Dual Heading Widget

This widget for Elementor can help you to create headings with different fonts, colors, and many other customizations. You will also have the freedom to use beautiful customizations in typography, which will make the headings look outstanding. The creative headings you can create with the help of this Elementor widget look amazing.

You will be able to use a background, border, or a combination of both to go ahead and create a unique effect to the headings that you create.


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It is up to you to use any of these dual heading widgets available exclusively for Elementor. Then you can proceed with creating dual headings for your website without facing any major struggles. You will be impressed with the simplicity that you are getting in order to enhance the good looks of headings that you are going to include on your website. Hence, anyone who is looking for a great method to make a website look outstanding can take a look at these headings widgets.



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