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Audio Player

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Hey Elementors,
by getting an audio player to your website, you will be able to provide an interactive experience to all the visitors who come to your Elementor website. You can think about using the audio player for numerous purposes as well. For example, you can play a custom playlist on the audio player via your website. Getting such an audio player to the website is an easy thing to do because you just need to get a custom Elementor addon. Below-mentioned are the most popular audio player widgets available for Elementor as of now.

Unlimited Elements ²Demo1   Demo2

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You will be able to get a simple audio player that comes along with advanced functionalities from The Plus Addons for Elementor. You can use this audio player to play a single music file or even a playlist of music files.  You have all the freedom to define the tracks that should be played according to your preferences. Moreover, Pro Audio Player is offering different styles as well.

You can browse through different styles and pick one that perfectly represents your needs. The level of customizations offered by this audio player is unlimited. It is a cross-browser-compatible widget as well.


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You can get a basic audio player from the widget offered by Element Pack. It is possible for you to keep the audio player as it is or go ahead and do any customization to it according to your preferences. You will notice that there are multiple skins available along with it to get a perfect Elementor experience.

You can even add a background image of your preferences to the audio player. The audio player has two main buttons, which are the play button and the volume control button. Hence, you can call it an audio player built on minimalism.


... solution for Audio Player Widget

By using the Audio Player offered by Crocoblock, you can proceed with embedding an audio track into an Elementor page without having to go through any major challenges. This is providing you with access to a variety of style settings as well. You can easily customize the style according to the preferences.

Or else, you can use the minimalist-looking default player that is coming to you with the widget. When you take a look at the customizations offered by this Audio Player widget, you will notice how it is assisting you to add a background image and a gradient.


... solution for Audio Player Widget

Unlimited Elements is offering a robust web-based audio player. You can get a perfect experience out of this audio player. It will support an entire playlist. Hence, people who wish to proceed with sharing more than one track on the Elementor website can think about using this widget.

There are three main options available with this Audio Player to offer the playlist. The basic option is displaying your playlist in the form of an album. It can also help you to play the playlist in the background or keep a minified version of the playlist.

Unlimited Elements ²Demo1   Demo2

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Unlimited Elements ²Demo1   Demo2

Now you are aware of the most convenient method available for you to proceed with getting a playlist on your Elementor website. Follow these options and pick the best option out of them. Then you can easily stick to it and get your own audio player embedded into the website. Once you do that, you can share music tracks or any other audio track with the visitors who come to the website. The simple integration offered to you would impress you.



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