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Elementor Addons for "Tabs" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,
most people make the mistake of overloading their website with words and images which makes the overall user experience very bad. You want to keep your viewers engaged for as long as possible, and to do that, your website needs to be organized and attractive. The most simple and easy solution is to add tabs to your Elementor website by using the below Tabs widgets. Tabs will help in sorting your content and making your website much more attractive so your viewers can surf without any complications. We highly recommend adding the below Tabs widget to your Elementor website and make it cleaner and free from all kinds of distractions.

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... solution for Tabs Widget

By adding this super responsive Tabs widget to Elementor, you’ll be able to sort your content immediately and make the overall design of your WordPress website much better than before. It only takes a few seconds to install and has over 20 built-in layouts for you to choose from. You can also customize the existing templates and change the title, alignment, icon, and so much more without even writing a single code.

It has a very user-friendly interface and lets you create multiple tabs so that you can rearrange your web content. You can make your tabs horizontal or vertical, and change them whenever you want.


... solution for Tabs Widget

The Plus has one of the best Tabs widgets that you can use to show your services or sort your web content to make your Elementor website more organized and appealing. It has 10+ pre-built tab layouts that you can use or customize according to your website’s theme. All tabs can feature text, images, and videos so that your user-experience can be improved.

Whether you want to make vertical or horizontal tabs, The Plus has all the advanced features and tools that you can use to create an unlimited amount of tabs and show them on whichever web pages.


... solution for Tabs Widget

From minimal to fancy, Element Pack has various built-in layouts that you can use to make attractive tabs and sort your web content at the same time. It gives you the freedom of customization so you don’t have to stuck on the same design forever. It also gives you a unique feature to put external links in your tabs.

By adding this powerful tabs widget to your Elementor website, you can show your whole website on a single web page by making multiple tabs.

  • Countless Customizable Options
  • Custom Icons
  • Input External Links
  • 10+ Pre-Built Tabs Layout
  • Click and Hover Effects
  • And Much More…
Element Pack ²Demo1   Demo2

... solution for Tabs Widget

Want to make all the content present on your website organized? Use HappyAddons to make attractive tabs and sort all your existing content into sections to make it more user-friendly and readable. It lets you add text, images, videos, external links, and so much more in your tabs to make it captivating and appealing to the human eye.

Just add this Tabs widget to your Elementor website and either choose the stylish built-in layouts or create your own using the advanced tools and features. HappyAddons is a very easy-to-use, highly customizable, and responsive Elementor tabs widget with which you can instantly create outstanding new tabs on your website. You can also use it to showcase your products, services, and much more.


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Element Pack ³Demo1   Demo2   Demo3

Viewers want to understand your Elementor website as soon as they open it. If your website’s content is all over the place then the user will have a hard time understanding how it works and will get confused easily. In simple words, the messier your website is, the less time your viewers will spend on it! Tabs give you a simple solution to sort your website’s content and make your web pages much more organized and user-friendly. Adding the above Tabs widget in Elementor will not only save a lot of your time but money as well. Tabs can change the whole look of your website and make it much more appealing instantly. We highly recommend using these powerful Tabs widgets to add stunning tabs to your WordPress website.



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