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Elementor Addons for "Iframe" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,
when you want to display content in your Elementor website, you may think about using an iframe. For example, let’s assume that you are looking forward to loading a reservation portal to the home page of your website. You can easily load this portal within an iframe. In order to help you with building this functionality, you may think about using an iframe widget available out there for Elementor.

Dynamic.ooo ²Iframe   Remote_Content

... solution for Iframe Widget

iFrame widget by Element Pack allows to embed any web page into the content of your Elementor website. This is achieved by using HTML tags, the URL of the external page and information about how the window should appear. Possible examples and options are:

  • Video Embed: YouTube / Vimeo
  • Audio Embed: Soundcloud / Spotfy
  • Map Embed: Open Street Map / Google Map
  • Scroll Bar Yes/No Options
  • Lazyload (No) Option

When you are using the Element Pack iframe widget, you will be able to introduce a variety of possibilities to your website. That’s because you can load video, audio, and even Google Maps inside the iframe. However, this iframe widget for Elementor is not all about just loading an iframe on the website. It will provide multiple customization capabilities to you, such as the ability to lazy load scroll bars, enable basic Elementor dashboard, and get a 360 degree view.


... solution for Iframe Widget

If you are keen to load a different web page inside one of the pages in your website, you may start using the Dynamic.ooo solution for “iframe” widget. This is a straightforward Elementor iframe widget that you can get to your website with the objective of enabling iframe functionality.

It doesn’t come with any complex features. You can simply embed the iframe and get the support offered by it to display a new page on top of one of your existing pages.


Addon Conlusion

... of all demo pages for "Iframe" Widget

Dynamic.ooo ²Iframe   Remote_Content

We encourage you to pick any of these two iframe widgets for Elementor. Then you can think about getting the maximum possible returns that come along with it. You will appreciate the support that an iframe widget can offer and you will never have to worry too much about the complexity that it would bring to your website.



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