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Hey Elementors,
website owners are spending thousands of dollars every month in order to improve their website’s design and attract more customers so their sales can be increased. Today, we bring you some amazing Elementor Addons which you can add to the Icon/Info List widget that will not only make your website stylish but also save a lot of your money that you’ll be spending on hiring a programmer. These Addons can do wonders to your WordPress website and are very easy-to-use. Below are some of the most popular and well-known Elementor Addons that you can use to make your website look magnificent and eye-catching.

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PowerPack Elementor Addon has one of the simplest but powerful Icon/Info List widget that you can use to create an amazing feature section on your website. It’s perfect for people who own an e-commerce website and want to write stylish product descriptions in order to captivate the viewers and make more sales.

It has more than 100 modern font styles that you can choose from, and also customize the size according to your liking. You can also use this Elementor widget to write headings and descriptions on images. Don’t worry about the screen size of the device of your viewers as this Elementor widget is fully responsive and easily adjust itself according to the browser’s height and width.

To boost your SEO and take your website’s design to the next level, we highly recommend adding PowerPack to your WordPress website.

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... solution for Icon / Info List Widget

Use The Plus Addons and create incredible lists of your products to showcase their features so the viewers can easily be attracted towards buying that item. It offers you many advanced features and tools that make your whole experience much easier. Use it to apply various hover effects, make comparison lists, explain product features, and much more in just a few simple steps.

The best quality of The Plus Elementor Addon is that it also allows you to add tooltips and place them wherever you want. You can either choose from the pre-built layouts and customize the wordings or make your own using according to your website’s theme.

Overall, The Plus has one of the best Icon/Info List widgets that you can add to your Elementor website and instantly convert your plain-looking WordPress website into something that actually attracts the human eye.


... solution for Icon / Info List Widget

With its unique Changelog feature, Element Pack allows you to display the changelog of your website and software project easily just by following a few steps. Just write the changelog and it’ll do the rest of the hard work, no need to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a programmer when you can do all this by yourself!

Apart from this, you can also use this Icon/Info List widget to make stylish lists and write amazing product descriptions. It’s a great Elementor Addon to boost your website’s SEO and help your customers easily understand your services and products.

If you want to save time then use the pre-built layouts but if you want to get creative then customize the lists according to your requirements. You can change the font size, color, add subtitles, add icons, adjust the alignment, and do much more within a few clicks.


... solution for Icon / Info List Widget

Who doesn’t love animations, right? With Premium Addons, you can easily add attractive icon and bullet lists to your Elementor website by just doing a few clicks. It gives you a very user-friendly experience and is super responsive, it can instantly adjust its size according to the user’s device.

Premium Addons has a great Icon/Info List widget that gives you hundreds of astonishing Lottie animations that you can add to your bullet list to make it more captivating. It’s a perfect feature to gain your viewer’s attention and is much better than using a basic icon list.

Don’t just write your product features in plain text, either use the pre-built bullet lists present in this Elementor Addon or get creative and customize everything according to your WordPress website’s theme.


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PowerPack ²Demo1   Demo2

All of the above Icon/Info List widgets are great for showing your product’s description in a fun and catchy way. They are super easy-to-use and provide spectacular results immediately. These Elementor Addons are must to have for anyone who owns an Elementor website and wants to show lists in a stylish way.



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