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Dark Mode

Elementor Addons for "Dark Mode" - Widget Compared

Hey Elementors,
since Apple released dark mode in all of their devices, it has gain popularity and is being used by nearly every person who surfs the web for hours. Even popular websites, such as; Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have provided a dark mode option to their users. As people are using their devices more than ever, they want to use dark mode so they can use their favorite websites continuously for a long time without making their eyesight weak. By adding it to your website, it can increase your viewership instantly. Add the below Dark Mode widgets to your Elementor website so your users can start using it today.

... solution for Dark Mode Widget

With Element Pack, you can immediately add Dark Mode to your Elementor website. Place this Dark Mode Widget wherever you want on your website for the best possibilities.

Just by doing one click, your viewers can either turn on or off the dark mode according to their preference. It’s super responsive and can be used on all kinds of devices, such as; Android, iOS, Windows, etc. This Elementor widget also saves your user’s setting so he/she can get the same preferred mode on their next visit. No need to waste your money on hiring a programmer when you can do this all by yourself just within a few seconds.


... solution for Dark Mode Widget

Whether you want to place your dark mode switch in the header or footer of your website, The Plus Addons lets you do all of that and so much more just by doing a few clicks. It has one of the most advanced Dark Mode widgets available which has around 15 switchers that you can apply to make it simple for your new viewers.

This Elementor Addon provides you countless customization options that will not only allow you to change the switcher’s style but also adjust it according to your requirements. Works perfectly on all platforms and automatically saves the preferred mode of your viewer so they don’t have to apply the changes at every visit.


Addon Conlusion

... of all demo pages for "Dark Mode" Widget

Nowadays, people are surfing websites more than ever before! According to a recent study, 1 out of 3 people uses the internet for at least 7 hours every day. To take advantage of this, you have to add these Dark Mode widgets in your Elementor website and provide people access to dark mode options so they can surf your website for a long time. Having a Dark Mode on your website is a must, use these Elementor Addons so that you can do it by yourself instead of paying a lot of money to programmers. It not only releases the stress from your eyes but also keeps your viewers engage for a long period.



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