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Great partnership with POSIMYTH

Hi Elementors,in this short blog post I would like to thank the whole POSIMYTH Innovations team for the good cooperation during the last years and the truly unique support. At POSIMYTH, they value the loyalty of their partners and have honored this with a small gift. Apple AirPods Pro as a small gift from POSIMYTH […]

Elementor Website Kits

Elementor Website Kits

This is my example text with a link in a new tab. Hi Elementors,do you wish to develop a website with just a few clicks? Then you must take a look at the Elementor Website Kits. It is one of the most effective methods available for any person who wishes to create a website in the […]

Frosted Glass Effect In Elementor

Frosted Glass Effect / Backdrop Filter in Elementor

Hi Elementors,today I would like to show you a simple way how you can create a “Frosted Glass Background Effect” without an additional addon for Elementor. You can create this cool frosted glass effect with a backdrop filter, which is a simple CSS code. So let’s start creating your unique Glassmorphism effect. 7 Steps how […]

Slide / Hover Button

I would like to show you a simple trick how you can create a “Slide Button” on Hover with Elementor Pro and The Plus Addons. With a few adjustments of custom css …

“Premium Addons” Plugin Update With Two Great Extensions

Premium Addons Update Featured Image

Hey Guys,Premium Addons has 2 very nice features, which I would like to  present. These widgets were also inclued in the main Table with all Elementor Plugins. I hope you like the two features of Premium Addons. Premium Addons for Elementor WordPress Page Builder – Introducing “just” 2 new widgets, but great ones 1. HORIZONTAL SCROLL […]

Plugin Update of “Ultimate Addons” Elementor Addon

Ultimate Addons Update Featured Image

Hello Elementors,the widget table with all Elementor Plugins was updated once. And today I want to present you 10 new widgets of “Ultimate Addons for Elementor”. These are some great new features that will help us in our daily work with Elementor. Have fun with the new widgets. Ultimate Addons for Elementor WordPress Page Builder – […]

Unlimited Inner Sections

Inner Section in inner section in Elementor - Featured Image

Hi Elementors,today I would like to show you a simple trick how you can use “Unlimited Section Nesting” without an additional addon for Elementor.  In simple words: How do I create an inner section inside other inner sections? With the following copy and paste trick this is very easy… 4 Steps how to create “Unlimited Section […]

Addon Update of “The Plus Addons for Elementor” Widgets

The Plus Addons Update Featured Image

Hello Elementor Lovers,I am pleased to announce that the widget table of Elementor Addons on which-addon.com has been updated. Today I have taken “The Plus Addons for Elementor” and there are many new widgets in it. With Elementor and The Plus Addons your website will be simply unique. Have fun with the new widgets. Introducing 13 […]

Weather Widgets for Elementor

Weather Widgets Addons for Elementor Featured Image

Hi everyone and welcome!In this post I’ll be showing you how you can display current weather and weather forecast on your WordPress website with the help of Elementor page builder. To do that you will need an Addon for Elementor which I would like to introduce now. Introducing 3 unique addons with weather widgets for […]

Elementor 2.7 update – What’s new in Elementor page builder

Update Elementor 2.7 Featured Image

Today we’re gonna go over new features in Elementor Pro2.7. Some of theses features are pretty good 😉 If you`re unfamiliar with Elementor, it`s a drag and drop editor and we just love using it on all of our sites. Theses changes are specifially for the Pro Version. Biggest change in Elementor Pro 2.7 is the […]

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