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“Premium Addons” Plugin Update With Two Great Extensions

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Premium Addons Plugin Update

Introducing Background Transition and Horizontal Scroll

Premium Addons Update Featured Image

Hey Guys,
Premium Addons has 2 very nice features, which I would like to  present. These widgets were also inclued in the main Table with all Elementor Plugins. I hope you like the two features of Premium Addons.

Premium Addons for Elementor WordPress Page Builder - Introducing "just" 2 new widgets, but great ones

1. HORIZONTAL SCROLL For Modern Navigation

The developers of Leap13 present their new Horizontal Scroll widget on an impressive demo website. This simple widget gives your website users an elegant visual hint that they moved to another part of your web page. On the demo website you can see what is possible using Elementor in combination with Additional Addons.

2. Background Transition For Landing Pages

The second widget calls Premium Addons “Background Transition”. Other Addon developers have similar features called “Change Color” and “Change Image”. Elementor background color transition widget allows you to create smart background transitions between sections by changing the color or the image..

Final Words

With Premium Addons Plugin it is possible to create unique landing pages without writing a single piece of code. Premium Addons for Elementor aims to break creativity limits by offering more widgets that focus on giving the UI designer the ability to find more creative ways to design light weight yet attractive website pages with no coding skills required. Continue and HAVE FUN!!!

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