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Weather Widgets

Display Current Weather With Elementor

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Hi everyone and welcome!
In this post I’ll be showing you how you can display current weather and weather forecast on your WordPress website with the help of Elementor page builder. To do that you will need an Addon for Elementor which I would like to introduce now.

Introducing 3 unique addons with weather widgets for Elementor

1. Weather Widget by Element Pack

The weather widget by Element Pack has a lot of configuration possibilities. You can set the layout: full, partial, simple, today or forecast. Change easily your location and country. In style tab are a lot of customization possibilities, so you can integrate the weather widget perfectly into your site.

2. Crocoblocks Weather Widget

With Crocoblock you have the ability to show your visitors the weather conditions for 7 days, showing the weather details, wind speed or precipitations. It is fully customizable for showcasing weather conditions for any location in real time.

3. HT Mega - Weather Element

Weather forecasting apps are very popular, and they are pre-installed on many smartphones. The apps often derive their forecasts from the publicly available and free GFS Model of NOAA in the US. This has the advantage for the user that forecasts for the whole world are available, and for the provider that no software integration with regional weather forecasts is necessary.

Final Words

These are three awesome and the best Elementor-Weather-Widgets for your site. However, there are many other WordPress-Weather-Plugins available. Hopefully, this short summary is helpful enough. You can also share this post with your friends. Have fun!!!

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