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Unlimited Inner Sections

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Unlimited Inner Sections

How do I create "inner sections" inside other "inner sections"?

Inner Section in inner section in Elementor - Featured Image

Hi Elementors,
today I would like to show you a simple trick how you can use “Unlimited Section Nesting” without an additional addon for Elementor.  In simple words: How do I create an inner section inside other inner sections? With the following copy and paste trick this is very easy…

4 Steps how to create "Unlimited Section Nesting" without any addon

1. Add a new "main section"

Add a new section with only one column.

2. Add an "inner section" inside "main section"

Drag & Drop the “Inner Section” widget inside the main section.

3. "Copy" the column of the main section

Mouse hover the column of the main section. Right click and copy this column.

4. "Paste" to the inner section - column

Mouse hover the column of the inner section. Right click and paste … That`s it!

Final Words & Live Example

This is how easily you can create Unlimited Section Nesting with the basic version of Elementor and you don’t need another addon. A really cool life hack that always makes my daily life easier. You can find more cool widgets for Elementor in the Widget Table. HAVE FUN!

Main Section

Inner Section - Column 1

Inner Section - Column 2

Inner - Inner Section
Column 1

Inner - Inner Section
Column 2

Video Tutorial

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