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Elementor 2.7 update – What’s new in Elementor page builder

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Elementor 2.7 update

What's new in Elementor page builder

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Today we’re gonna go over new features in Elementor Pro2.7. Some of theses features are pretty good 😉 If you`re unfamiliar with Elementor, it`s a drag and drop editor and we just love using it on all of our sites. Theses changes are specifially for the Pro Version.

Biggest change in Elementor Pro 2.7 is the Gallery Widget

1. Galleries - Regular, Masonry & Justified Gallery Layouts

One of the biggest changes in Elementor Pro 2.7 is to the Gallery. If you use Galleries a lot, you’ll have some new options including justified and masonry Galleries. The first thing on the update you’ll notice is that you can select the type of Gallery. You can choose: multiple or single gallery. And you can see that there are little tabs (drop downs) where you can actually select what gallery you want to look at. Simply add some new photos to the gallery and you can see the new layout options, including justified and masonry.

Masonry is kind of like that Pinterest look – so you can have a big flow on images. Justified is kind of like automatically doing the layout based on a row height, it’s the opposite of masonry. These two layouts are way better than the option of just normal squares – this is a great addition to Elementor Pro.

In addition to this change, you can also go to „Style Tab“ and add CSS Filters. For example if you want all the photos to be black and white and want it to be colour when you hover it. Also an awesome option…

2. Full Content Posts Skin

Another change ist the ability to actually do full posts in your archive page. If you use Elementor to make your archive page you can include the full content oft he post. In the layout tab / skin you have the options „Classic“, „Cards“ and now we have the option to do „Full Content“. That’s great if you want have a blog that shows the full content of every post. If you have a website that has announcements, for example, that might be a great reason to use that.

3. Better Mail Chimp and Mailer Lite Integrations

Another great addition is for Mail Chimp and Mailer Lite. If you use those for your email program, Mailer Lite will allow people to resubscribe now, using the resubsribe function. Mail Chimp has tag support. Getting a little bit better integrations with those two platforms in this update as well.

4. Dynamic Numbers

Another big change is called Dynamic Numbers. If you use any of the Counter Widgets or Star Rating Widgets, now you pull those numbers dynamically. It’s a big update if you use Advanced Custom Fields or something similar. Previously you had to do manually select the Star Rating, that was frustrating. Now you can pull it from a dynamic field.

This works for any type of Counter Field: Counters or Pricing Tables where you can easily pull custom data for those fields.

5. Dynamic Profile Picture

Another change is the ability to show the profile photo of the current logged in user. When you choose the image widget, you can hit „Dynamic“ and the „Author Profile Picture“ or you can pick the current logged in „User Profile Picture“.
This is great if you have a Dashboard or something similar where people log in. It’s another great Dynamic option in Elementor Pro.

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