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Plugin Update of "Ultimate Addons" Elementor Addon

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

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Hello Elementors,
the widget table with all Elementor Plugins was updated once. And today I want to present you 10 new widgets of “Ultimate Addons for Elementor”. These are some great new features that will help us in our daily work with Elementor. Have fun with the new widgets.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor WordPress Page Builder - Introducing 10 new widgets

1. MEGA MENUS for Better Website Navigation

The Navigation Menu widget lets you create designer Elementor menus quickly and easily. It comes with several styling options that let you enhance your website navigation within minutes

2. Login Form With Social Login Support (Facebook / Google)

Offer a one-click registration and login via Facebook and Google. Set different styles for these buttons and let users enter the website within seconds.

3. User Registration Forms

Build registration forms with custom fields and design that suits your needs and match the look and feel of your website.

4. Table Of Contents For Elementor

Sometimes it’s hard to locate specific information in lengthy posts. A quick navigation panel helps to easily pick a topic that readers are looking for.

5. How-To Content With Inbuilt Schema Markup

Are you writing a blog or an article that requires step-by-step instructions for your audiences to follow? The How-to Schema widget of the Ultimate Addons lets you build this with Elementor itself.

6. FAQ Widget with Schema Integration

Identify queries your visitors might have at the initial stage and add answers with FAQ widget. This will build a great user experience and improve the usability of your site.

7. Team Member by "Ultimate Addons"

Create an attractive team member section like this and add the team member widgets to highlight the main heads behind your wonderful team.

8. Countdown Timer

The Ultimate Addons Countdown timer gives you complete control to manage how it looks and behaves on your page. You can choose a type of timer, the layout it should be displayed in, the labels, action after expiry, etc.

9 - 10 Retina Image Widget | WPForms Styler​

Furthermore, these two widgets have also been included in the widget table. These are really successful widgets.

Final Words

It’s really great that the Elementor Addons Widget Table has been extended with 10 really unique widgets. “Ultimate Addons for Elementor” is a very popular Plugin Addon for the Elementor Page Builder. Many thanks to Team of Ultimate Addons for this great work and the simply perfect support. Continue and HAVE FUN!!!

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